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Musician, songwriter, producer and singing teacher.

Luca Macchi aka My Name Is Luca aka Malgrado Urbano aka Hallelugenia began to make music as the easiest way to express his internal world. His adventure started in Milan in 2003 by accessing the Singing Jazz course at the prestigious “Scuola Civica di Jazz di
Milano” (Italy). He had numerous gigs as a songwriter and as a tenor in the choir of the “Scuola Civica di Jazz” and he dedicated himself to teach singing and obtained the MLT diploma to be able to teach children (0-5 years old). 

He has spent the last 6 years in Bristol having a great time with his music projects.


My Name Is Luca

A new start, the beginning of a very personal and intimate research about me, my music, my complexity and different cultures.
I'm a Bristol based musician, songwriter, producer.
Combining piano, guitar and vocals (in English and Italian), my music fuses soulful acoustic melodies and harmonies framed by explorative electronic beats and synth.
My name is Luca.

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Malgrado Urbano is a project of hard-songwriting, it’s need for pop and electronic music, soul, and sudden dissonant turns.

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Hallelugenia is Dark soft freaky beats, Trippy tunes, Electronic ballads and more.
It’s a Bristol based, electronic rock/soul project created by Luca Macchi by misspelling the name of a paleozoic fossil.
After a collaboration with G. Fioretti for the Ep “Clean it Up", gigs in Bristol and London and a tour in Italy, he released an album coproduced with Lorenzo Cela and the EP "Voices and Ghosts".

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October to

December 2019 _ 7 Tracks for the first Editon of "Giralamoda" - Tramaplaza Production


November 2019 _ 3 Tracks for the Soundtrack of the documentary Cap20100

                     by Paolo Marelli - Lagart Production


If you're looking for a song for commercial purposes or a soundtrack please send an email at                                                 


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A socially distanced live music & circus-theatre show designed specifically to be performed in local neighbourhoods.
We are currently touring and taking bookings for late Autumn 2021/Spring & Summer 2022.
Show created by Truan Jay Mathias and Luca Macchi. Directed by Jake England-Johns.


"Music in Movement" funded by Help Musicians'.


The project consisted in 5 explorative performances with dancers, circus and theatre artists (one for every performance) in 5 different towns and cities, in the form of a walkabout.


I'm a singing teacher since 2007.  I studied jazz singing at the Scuola Civica di Jazz di Milano and rock singing privately with several teachers from all over Europe.
I love how voice expresses our personality and our personal story even if we're not totally aware of it and I love helping people to find their personal voice.

My teaching is based on the knowledge of the mechanics of the voice and on the idea that everyone has to find a personal awareness and balance according to those mechanics.
Every person is different so everyone needs a different approach.

My priorities as a teacher are that my students learn how to sing without hurting themselves, that they develop the ability to be aware of what they're doing while they're singing in order to learn to correct themselves independently.
I work on the breathing, on the perception of the voice and its resonance in the body, on the use of our natural resonators, and on removing useless muscular tensions in order to find a natural and personal sound. 
I'm happy to help to prepare auditions, shows, or recording sessions with intense and more focused work or to develop a longer program for anyone who wants or needs to learn more about their voice and its management.

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If you want info about shows, gigs, or music production, please fill the form.

For singing lessons, you can email or text me.

Tel: +447951736682

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